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Posted on October 11, 2010 in Salon & Spa

Sashay sahshay swish  swish…that’s the  sound of  the models strutting their stuff down the runway…they have to do their little moves on the catwalk….and the time is right and it’s now.. it’s the buildup to fashion week dont’cha know.

 Park Ave Fashion Week..it’s the social Ta Da….. on none other than  October 23, in the Big Tent…near Thee Park right off Park Ave.  Believe me– you won’t want to miss it— just think Barnum and Bailey with style.

The Salon, as in Gary Lambert Salon..say it like you’re saying salad and salivating…… this salon is  wearing out their brushes, makeup and hair alike. 

Two weeks ago I witnessed tresses being twirled and eyeshadow being swirled…..on all types of models. 

The cause was for the

Pace Center for Girls.   A few of their peeps also played a part in the fashion show being held at Dexters – Hannibal Square  in Winter Park.  Honey there were checkbooks and credit cards being worked out for a mighty cause and it still isn’t too late to make your dent  for the future of those awesome young women.  Go ahead now with your bad self make that Credit card work overtime.

Lest we or that would be me…lest I forget there are others aside from the whirlers and the twirlers of the trade that work their fingers to the bone during this frenzied time …so a hat’s off to those of you who do just that.  We Salute you!

Without a Pony there’d be no express, without the Big Kahuna there’d be no wave, without the Rye there’d be no Tuna on…without Moondoggie…where would Gidget be?    A salon can be a salon with all the hard working people in it but without Gary Lambert?  Then what?   He’s worked hard for the money…so hard for the money….do dodododooddoooosorry..Donna Summer was floating around in my head..what I mean to be saying is Gary Lambert you deserve the recognition..stand up and proudly take it because you so rightly deserve it…..hey remember I saw you flipping dough in the air many moons ago …you could still be doing that or worse yet working at Fenstermakers..so…..Thank you for your style and innovation, your “eye” you make that end of park ave light up to be Gary Lambert Salon ON Park Ave…..  🙂

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